Professional Jewelry Cleaning Service

"We work while you wait."

Jewelry Cleaning

As a customer of Glenas Ent. and Princess Chrisavic Jewelries you will soon discover out that our staff does a great job of jewelry cleaning. Not simply the “dip in the tank” method that most jewelers offer, but a comprehensive, professional polishing, undertaken by the same experts that manufacture beautiful jewelry in our shop.

While you wait, you can use our jewelry cleaning services and all of the equipment we use to properly refinish your jewelry at any time you visit our location. Several stages of polishing, as well as steam and ultrasonic cleaning, will be performed throughout your jewelry cleaning. These skilled jewelers are familiar with the nature of fragile materials, gemstones, and patinas, as well as how to deal with them without destroying them.

Jewelry Inspection

Before we polish your items, we will perform a complete jewelry inspection to detect any signs of wear or erosion. If we notice any signs of wear or erosion, we'll suggest preventive maintenance to assist you avoid losing a stone, keeping a bracelet from falling off, or saving a pendant from falling off a broken chain. Any loose stones found during our jewelry examination will be tightened. Most of the time, our setters will snug them up for free while you wait.

Precious metals are brittle and prone to shifting. To ensure that the gems remain in the settings, we recommend cleaning and inspecting any routinely worn gemstone jewelry every six months. In order to minimize the heartbreak of a lost stone, frequently worn jewelry mounted with gemstones should be inspected by a trained jeweler for wear on prongs and closures. Well-worn jewelry is exposed to harsh, abrasive surfaces when worn on a daily basis. All precious metal jewelry is susceptible to erosion and metal fatigue over time. If we notice signs of wear, we'll let you know so you can arrange for the necessary jewelry repairs.

In summary, professional jewelry cleaning is done in these 3 steps:

1. Bring In Your Jewelry

At Glenas Ent. and Princess Chrisavic Jewelries, professional jewelry cleaning can be completed while you wait. If you have a number of items, you can always leave them with our shop for a reasonable fee, to be thoroughly cleaned and inspected.

2. Inspection Process

Before cleaning, your consultant will inspect your jewelry to be sure it does not have any loose stones or require additional repair. If you would like, they can inspect your items even further to notify you of potential dangers to watch out for or future repair to consider.

3. Jewelry Cleaning

Once it has been determined it is safe to proceed, a jeweler will asses the best method of cleaning your jewelry. The polishing wheel brightens up precious metals, the ultrasonic cleaner removes dirt and grime from small crevices, and the steamer will make any stone sparkle. If you are cleaning white gold jewelry, you may also consider Rhodium Plating.

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