Product Review: Naked Pearl to Stunning Dangling Earrings


The image above is a beautiful south-sea pearl from our dear customer. She wanted to make this beautiful pearl into a masterpiece, and we helped her see that vision. Through our master craftsmanship and creativity, we reached the final product below:


The final product features a round brilliant diamond, four pear shaped diamonds, and a diamond setting for the pearl to be attached to the dangling earring. The pieces were cut and set by our master craftsmen from Glenas Enterprises, all pieces were handcrafted and cut to the vision of the customer.

Diamond Specifics (carats):

Round Brilliant Diamond - 1.0 carat

Pear Shaped Diamond (4x) - from top to bottom, respectively: 0.5 carats; 0.7 carats; 1 carat; 1.22 carats

Diamond Setting for Pearl - 1 carats total

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