Product Review: Naked Gemstones to Emerald Masterpiece

Updated: May 8

Emerald Necklace with customized Diamonds

Through our master craftsmanship we have created this masterpiece. Our valued customer had a vision for these naked emerald gemstones, we gave that vision life. As seen in the final product above, we used the pear shaped emerald gemstones as this products centerpiece.

The pear shaped emerald gemstones were given more life by adding a diamond setting for each of the individual gemstones. This uplifts each of the gemstones as individual pieces, as well as bring each of the pieces together, as a whole.

In addition to that, the biggest emerald was put at the center with a different setting, this makes the centerpiece pop-out and and stand-alone.

Lastly, we, at Glenas Enterprises, created this beautiful necklace with individually customized flower design. These diamonds are individually cut in order to fit the design vision of the customer.

All the pieces together create the final product seen in the picture above. Customization and Craftsmanship is our specialty, and if you want your dreams to come true, come visit us in all our branches nationwide.

Gemstone Specifics (carats):
  1. Diamonds

  2. Emeralds

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