Product Review: Assorted Diamonds to Dangling Earrings

Here at Glenas Enterprises, we focus on handcrafted and customized jewelry. As seen in the photo below, we handcrafted this beautiful piece for our valued customer. She requested for an assorted array of diamonds to be made as dangling earrings.

The image shows a different cuts of diamonds (heart-shaped, emerald-shaped, and bezel-corner princess cuts) all encased in smaller round brilliant diamonds. In order to add the dangling function, we added round brilliant diamonds in-between each of the big diamond cuts. The final products, as seen in the image above, was just individual pieces of diamonds owned by the customer, she had a vision, and we made that vision come to life.

Diamond specifics (carats): Heart-shaped (2x) - 2 carats each
Emerald-shaped (2x) -3 carats each Bezel-corner princess cut - 2 carats
Round Brilliant Dangles (4x) - 0.5 carats each Round Brilliant Setting (total) - 0.2 carats each

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