Product Review: Naked Gemstones to Sapphire Masterpiece

Naked Sapphire Gemstones into Dangling Necklace with Diamond Setting

These sapphire gemstones were hand-cut by our craftsmen to through the vision of the customer. In addition to that, in order for these individual pieces to pop-out we added individual settings to each of the pieces.

From the top which holds the dangling piece together is the largest sapphire gemstone. Cut radiantly to make a statement that sapphire is the main gemstone for this piece. This is beautifully set with round brilliant diamonds that flow together perfectly with the cut of gemstone.

Flowing from that setting is the marquise-cut diamonds that serve as the dangles, that attach to a pear-shaped diamond to hold it all together. This is done two more times, but as seen in the picture, the last two layers compose of three sapphires set with diamonds and the same marquise-pear diamond dangles.

The final product is a masterpiece that is worthy of royalty. So if you want to feel like royalty and make your dreams come true, come and visit us at all our branches nationwide!

Gemstone Specifics (Sapphire and Diamond):

  1. Sapphire

  2. Diamond

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