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Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Here are some "must know about jewelry description". You may categorize here the different types and kinds of diamonds you have or see on display. This little gems are costed based from the 4C's:

Cut , Clarity, Carat and Color. The more it is clear and white or what we call the "Internally Flawless", expect its price to be EXPENSIVE than expensive.

In choosing the right shape for you is based on your preference where you mostly feel comfortable wearing. Just a story, I have a client who only buys heart-shaped diamonds and obvisouly because she's such a sweet person as her jewels. Moreover, Some starts from the basic which is the round one and then when they feel satisfied from the collection the have they upgrade to the next level depending to their choice of style. Sometime they prefer Emerald as the next step to round shape and others choose the prince cut in which I adore ( just to share). Well, No matter what shape it my opinion as long as it's diamond it's always PERFECT.

For the clarity, It has different set of variety in terms of the cleanliness of the internal quality of the diamond. I highly suggest to always check the ones you buy and be careful on buyin the low quality which really affect the industries reputation. Invest in something that has good quality, always!


Do you know what is the largest diamond in the world?

Answer: It is the 102- Carat Canadian Diamond found in Northern Ontario according to Google of course.


Carat is the most important detail to know about your jewelry. This information can easily be understood therefore, you may sell it easily and casually. If ever you have no certificated jewelry, this will help you estimate/adjust to the present cost.

The color is such a precious and delicate topic. Owning, all of us definitly love the whitest one in the room. But in respect to the other variety, having a lesser quality in color is not pretty bad at all. Personally, the color I to K is kind of the most standard level and I get satisfied with it. In cases, like an L arrives yet the brilliance is exceptional, I also get satisfied with it too. So, I guess the beauty that catches our eye is more of the "balance of every component" as we speak.

Thanks for reading this and I hope that it helped you with some of your questions about buying and in terms of selling your gems.

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