Up to 7 days

We customize from your personal preference or we can design especially just for you.


instant repair

45 minutes

Our instant repair is well-known for its prompt and quality service from high grade materials used.


Jewelry plating (tubog)

45 minutes

Even our precious gems lose its brilliance over time with the pollution and natural oils. No worries, we are here to save your day in just few minutes. Come and let us bring back the shine and sparkles to them.



3 to 4 days

Don't lose hope on your fancy collection, we have the solution to your problem. We can remove all the impossible metal stains for you and wear them all again soon.


Stone setting

3 days

Service rendered by our highly experienced stone setter and team for 25 years. Intriquetly managed piece by piece...


Watch Repair & Battery Replacement

30 minutes

  • Watch services for all types and kinds.

''Being on time is a always a good idea!''